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Visual Show Director 8 Released!

The Best Pyro Design Software Just Got Better!

Unmatched creativity and productivity

Use it with ANY firing system

Check our new prices ! The best, most complete and affordable pyro and multimedia design solution!

With the New FXGENERATOR 4D and the New and Amazing PARTICLE GENERATOR you can create your unique and distinctive particle effects unlike any other software.

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Witness the spectacular Fireworks by Grucci Display that earned
Dubai a new Guinness World Record
Dubai Burj Khalifa NYE 2014
and Qatar National Day

and Dubai Burj Khalifa NYE 2015 by Ruggieri Artificier

and the unique

Golden Gate 75th Anniversary by PyroSpectaculars by Souza



Pioneering Innovation in the Digital Art of Pyrotechnics


The First and Only 4D Real Time Multimedia Fireworks Simulation Software for Professional Designers.

Show Director was the first pyrotechnic and multimedia choreography software since 1995. In the International Symposium on Fireworks in Disneyworld, in 2000, we introduced for the first time Visual Show Director the first 3D fireworks simulation software. Since then we have been leading the methods and core ideas for fireworks simulation in the software industry.

Show Director has a worldwide reputation as the fastest and most reliable software architecture for pyrotechnic choreography. It is used in all the major theme parks, large international events and has won more Gold Jupiters in the Montreal International competition than any other design tool: 19 Gold, 10 Silver and 7 Bronze Jupiters.

Visual Show Director is the best professional software tool for designing innovative pyrotechnic and multimedia events, as well as virtual fireworks presentations. It is used in the most important tenders and for the largest fireworks shows worldwide, fired with the major firing systems.

It is made for scripting and visualization speed with unique creative tools.

Visual Show Director offers you more than any other software with the most complete set of tools available in the market to enhance your creative experience.
You can create, fireworks, special effects, lasers, light beams, image projections, object animation, multiple 3D sites, 3D stereoscopic in real time and video render, and more...

The WYSIWYG visual editing features in Visual Show Director allow you to create innovative shows quickly, well rehearsed and budget effective.

Compatible with any firing system with the Excel- Acces export functionalities and SD Tools script translation to any scripting custom format.

The complete Professional solution preferred by the BEST in the business.

[ Frequently Asked Questions- System Requirements]

WINDOWS 7, 8, 8.1
32 and 64 bit

Mac Compatible with VMware Fusion , Paralells and BootCamp

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For Windows 7,8, 8.1 32&64 bit.
Enhanced Realism with smoke, glow, wind, sound custom controls.
Now includes VSD Particle Generator to allow you to create and invent unlimited types of particles.
New functions and tools for faster and flexible scripting. Access to all the visual applications. 3D fireworks, Effects Creation. Ability to create 3D sites with multiple and animated 3D models. Light and Laser Beams, Image projections, 3D Objects keyframing, real time 3D Stereoscopic output, Video and frames output, priority support
and much more...

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 Show Director 8.0.1 Non Visual with Pyrocreator and FX Generator
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» FX Generator
Design and create your own effects . Extensive Library supplied.
» 3D Position Editor
Build sites and manage positions in a 3D environment
» Viewer
Displays your show at run time. WYSIWYG from your script!
» Show Producer
Deliver your projects in pictures, avi, mpeg or DVD




The Universal Compatibility Bridge to Show Director. A New Multi Systems Tool.
Show Director Tools, brings the unparalleled power of Show Director and Visual Show Director to all pyrotechnic designers no matter what firing software or hardware they use. Convert your script to and from any other application or firing system!

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A new stand alone application to view Visual Show Director fireworks simulations in 3D.
Interact with full navigation controls, experience the maximum computer graphic quality resolution with minimal file size.

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